Monday, September 1, 2014

The "New Room" for Moxie

Now that our terrace is puppy-proofed (thanks to handy-work from Rob), Moxie has access to the "yard" and is loving it.

We've been out a few times today - early this morning, this afternoon with some visitors of "the court," and just now. 

While she was initially eating the artificial grass when released on to the terrace, that seems to have worn off considerably (and quickly) and she is good just playing and enjoying the outdoors. 

Not only did I love the fact that we had a terrace on our 17th floor apartment, but I also was thrilled when we got furniture, later nice fake grass. And now, we have  Moxie to enjoy it with! Very thankful for such a great space.

It's already been wonderful to have her out there with me and I look forward to late summer evenings and fall mornings, sipping wine or coffee respectively, relaxing with her, and enjoying the view from our "little piece of the country."

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