Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Officially a Dog Mom

Here I am. A brand new dog mom. Over the moon excited about our baby.

Moxie Marie in slumber.
I'll forgo the risk of being dramatic by saying this, but...

In less than 72 hours, I feel changed as a human and woman. Never being of-the-maternal-type, I’m already moved by raising an “infant.” This puppy's love is so gentle, pure and open. Everyone says, Frenchies really are different - and we’re quickly learning that they really are.

I'm looking at the world through a whole new lens and in some ways, as Savannah recently said),“I feel like life just started.”

Indeed, a whole new life for Rob and I, and we couldn't be more delighted.

I hope you’ll join this journey with us. Learn about where she came from, why I'm totally giving props to moms, the trials and triumphs of raising a pup, and much much more.

Stay tuned for more fun and adventure with the newest addition to our family, Moxie Marie.