Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Friday

Just a little cuteness on this Friday, as Moxie sure is ready for All Hallow's Eve.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Frenchies of Instagram (and a Kitty Too)

From NYC to Cali, London to Japan, Moxie has lots of Instagram "friends" from around the world (more than her mom!). We love following the Frenchie adventures (and by "we" I mean "me"), indulging in their ultra-cuteness and seeing what these "bat pigs" are up to!

It's great to see the Frenchie love on Insta and it really seems like a nice community. In fact, the local NYC Frenchies had a recent meet-up in Washington Square (hosted by Polo) and it was even for a worthy cause (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). It was so good, they got covered by the local news!

Unfortunately, we were out of town for that meet-up, but look forward to the next one, which we'll surely join in! We also attended a non-Instagram playtime yesterday, at the School for Dogs and look forward to reporting back on Moxie's first day of fun (post to come soon)!

And if you're not following Moxie, you should. She's @Moxie_The_Frenchie - posting trips, tricks and adventures!

And here are just some of our other international favorites:

@Mutta_Frenchie from Tokyo, Japan

@McSesame from London, UK

@Momo_Frenchie from Singapore

@Walnut_The_Frenchie from Toronto, Canada

@Spring_French from Brazil

@MarcTheFrenchie from Dallas

@VincenzoPepito from Palo Alto

@Yoshi_the_mini_Frenchie from Miami

And some NYC "buddies":





And there's one adorable kitty you should follow too, @KenjiKitten. We'll make an exception for him, as he's not a dog, but oh-so-cute (and Moxie's feline BFF).

Who's your favorite?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feast Of St. Francis and the Blessing Of Animals

Not a religious person, I was quite excited by the idea of having Miss Moxie blessed for the Feast of St. Francis. Not sure exactly why, but it seemed like a very nice thing to do.

From another quick Google search, I was delighted to know that there was a church in the Treme section of NOLA - St. Anna's Episcopal Church - that was hosting an animal blessing on Saturday the 4th.

As such, that morning, we had breakfast in the French Quarter and then walked about a mile to the church. It was a quiet morning and a nice one at that - a great way to start the day.

We arrived at the church a bit early, but soon enough, the pets (and their parents) were gathering for the mass. There was even a NOLA Police Horse who was blessed to commence the ceremony.

After a short ceremony outside, we proceeded into the church - accompanied by a choir singing.

Once in the church, we listened to a short reading, a quick homily and then were on to the blessing.

Rob was such a good sport going along with this!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Moxie's First Vacation

While it's a bit crazy to travel from NYC to New Orleans with a not-yet-four-month-old puppy, I knew it was the right choice when we were heading south for a wedding. First of all, how could I resist taking the pooch on a national adventure and more importantly, how could I leave her at home?!

Much went into the planning and prep for Moxie's first big adventure and I was quick to Google for just what we needed.

To start, I needed to find a pet friendly hotel and was pleased to come across the lovely Omni Royal Orleans, which was pretty and just the right price - also centrally located in the heart of the French Quarter. Then I set out on finding a dog nanny to sit with Moxie while we were at wedding festivities. After a ton of searching, emailing, and calling I finally found the friendly and accommodating Sarah's Pet Care Revolution, who offered Erin to hang out with the pup as much as we needed. I was surprised with how many pet services there are in NOLA and was also surprised with how many were booked full (or unresponsive at that). What a relief when I was contacted by Sarah's, letting me know that they were happy to help. In addition to that, I also made sure that Moxie had her doctor's seal of approval and we were all set with her flying on American Airlines, as well. And further, I also had to find out the best restaurants and bars that allow little pooches (Bring Fido was a good resource).

After much planning and prep (even going so far to ship pup supplies to the hotel), we were ready for our trip.

Fearing for the worst (as I've heard some horror stories of dogs traveling), we encountered the best and our pup was amazing - greatly exceeding our expectations. Our flight took off at a very early 6 a.m. and I did all the right things to ensure a drama free trip (like not feeding her breakfast before departing, ensuring we had ample supplies, etc.). Moxie was excited and ready to go - and we were too.

As mentioned, she loved her crate and wasn't phased by the sights and sounds, much to my relief. From being in a car, carried through the airport, carted on a plane and all around, I was pleasantly surprised with how good she was.

We arrived in NOLA and Moxie made the hotel room home. It was hard not to, as she had all her favorite things - from toys to blankets, and more.

We were quick to set out around the city and made our first stop (and Moxie's first lunch out) at the highly rated, dog-friendly Cafe Amelie.

Among others, one of the highlights of the trip (for little Moxie at least), was free reign of the hotel room bed. Normally, she isn't permitted into our bed at home, so this was a very special treat and unique occasion. From playing peek-a-boo to lounging about, Moxie was in heaven.

She also enjoyed trotting around town the city (or being carried, as she prefers) - meeting people and pets along the way. We went to a cafe for beignets, toured around the French Quarter - and the cherry on top, was her blessing for St. Francis of Assisi Day at St. Anna's Church (full post to come on that one, as it deserves it!). 

By the end of our long weekend in NOLA, we were all ready to head back to NYC. As nice as it is to be away, it's always the best to return to a home you love.

Moxie, too, was ready, and took the chance to hop in her carrier, well before we were ready to head to the airport!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy October

October is my favorite month. Not only does it encompasses my birthday, but I also love the Fall season and all that comes with it - leaves changing (and falling), pumpkins galore, Halloween fun, and much more. October is ideal for all of that. Warm days, cool night and beauty abounding.

Of course, I couldn't resist purchasing Moxie some festive toys to celebrate this new month. And that was undoubtedly followed by a photo shoot!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So excited with our new addition, the "baby," I couldn't resist the urge to purchase some announcement cards heralding Miss Moxie (just like the human moms do).

After browsing around a few online shops, I found a great design from Photo Affections. And of course I had plenty of pics to choose from, since I'm obsessively documenting this pup.

I quickly decided on my template, images and added some simply little copy with the details. 

I was thrilled to get the cards quickly and promptly sent them out. 

They're being well received - and friend and family are loving the announcements.