Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Props to Moms

I texted my mom yesterday and said, "Puppies are a lot of work. God bless you for raising a baby. I can't even imagine. We're a little over 2 days into this and feeling tired already!"

Tired indeed!
Seriously. Props to all moms. Especially human ones, because I can't even fathom.

I can't imagine how overwhelmed moms can and do get - when prepping and dealing with an infant and the fact that they have to raise a living thing. For the human moms, between "What to Expect When You're Expecting," lamaze and everything else, there's a lot to take in. 

I'm experiencing my own little mom shock already - and I didn't have to read that book or pant on a mat with my husband. It goes without saying thought, that when it comes to prepping, it can even get out of hand with a pup (but in a good, well informed, best practice way). 

We're referencing everything (thank you Internet, our French Bulldog book, the AKC Puppy Manual, etc.). I even caught myself referring to "they" when talking about how to raise Moxie. Like, "they say a schedule is imperative," "they say you should do this."

A couple of the books
All reading, referencing and worrying aside, I'm quickly learning that patience and repetition is key, as is a good partner to help. And to take a moment to brag, this dog may just be a prodigy - from her willingness to be in the cage to her promising housebreaking skills and her legit games of fetch.

A baby at play. 
And when it comes to shopping prep - buying the toys, pet accessories (no dresses though), and everything else this ridiculous market has to offer - I certainly have that covered. Stay tuned for a fun post soon to come on the cool stuff we bought in preparation for this spoiled pooch. Oh, and a Puppy Shower - yes, that's in the works too.

Some goodies for the shower. 
Despite all the frills and fuzz, when raising a pup, it seems that it all comes down to observation, intuition and common sense. 

Wait, isn't that how the world works too?

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