Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meet Moxie

Our first snuggle session. 
We just met Moxie as a little pup on Sunday and she’s easily and quickly made her way into our hearts. I never doubted that the love would be immediate, but I didn’t know just how hard I’d fall!

We’ve been talking about, and considering a dog, pretty much since we met, and finally this summer, decided the time was right. After an extensive breeder search (more to come on that), I found a wonderful women near the Finger Lakes in upstate NY, who didn’t just breed frenchies, but loved them too. You’d be surprised at how many shady and just plain bad breeders there are, and I personally came across a few.

Our first encounter with Moxie was ideal and the breeder led us into her puppy room, where she was waiting in a spacious exercise pen. Initially a bit nervous when put into my lap (both me and Moxie), not really making eye contact and shaking a little, that changed in about 5 minutes and we had already started to establish our bond.

We chatted with the breeder and soon embarked on our long journey home - a nearly six hour car drive, which is a lot to ask of a nine week old puppy. Fortunately she slept most of the time in my lap and even impressed us with a pee at a rest stop too.

In the car.
At the rest stop. 
Our first night went way better than expected and the crate anxiety I worried about never came. Nor did they crying or yelping all night. She was up a couple times to relieve herself (letting us know when she needed to be let out) and has been improving ever since. Now, she's willingly running to the bathroom (aka pee pads in the kitchen) and we're really impressed.

Just since Sunday, she’s visibly grown and changed, learning new things on a daily basis, honing her skills, and figuring out this new world.

Just looking cute as usual.
She's social and being well socialized - having met people from the ages of three to 95 - and she's about to meet a lot of new people today too, at a family party in NJ. She spent Monday in Little Italy, Tuesday met a new friend, Thursday at The Wall Street Journal - and has been held, kissed and handled by many new faces. It's great to see the joy that puppies bring!

Thursday morning during play session.  Good shot thanks to BarkCam (more to come on that, too)!
The time is already zooming by and before we know it, our miss Moxie Marie will be a full grown Frenchie. But we’re not there yet - and luckily so - because this puppy stage is just too freaking adorable and fun.  
Looking pensive Thursday night with our dinner guest.  
Last night in another photo shoot. Anchors away!