Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Trip to the Vet

Our good girl Moxie made her first visit to the vet's today and couldn't have been better. From being on a metal table/scale, to a temperature check (and not in her mouth), she was calm, cool and collected. We pet parents sure were proud!

We were the first appointment, so only spent a few in the waiting room, and our little one just hung out in the travel carrier, popping her head out here and there to see the new surroundings.

We met with Dr. Lester, at the Seaport Animal Hospital, who was friendly, knowledgable and just what I was hoping for. In fact, she called to follow-up after Moxie went home and left a very nice voicemail - above and beyond from what I was expecting.

After a brief consult to get to know the Dr. and she to know Moxie, she and her assistant got to work taking the temp, checking her from head to toe, and administering the vaccines. I even helped out with weighing her.

And she's lighter than we both thought!

After a good exam, we did learn that she had a little yeast infection in her ears (which I've heard is common for Frenchies) as well as the sniffles/upper respiratory infection. She's being treated for both and we do hope she feels better soon, as the meds are really knocking her for a loop.

Rob had been reporting how f-ed up she was acting this afternoon, for lack of a better term. And while I know that vaccines have a tendency to throw pups (and babies for a loop), she's really out of it. Sleeping mostly, and then up for a few to play (such as right before and when I arrived home at 7:30), she's back to sleeping again and not feeling well.

I plan to give the Dr. a quick call tomorrow, just to see what she thinks and if she may want to reduce the dosage a bit (it's a liquid medicine). It may be par for the course, but I'd like to confirm.

Maybe I'm a crazy dog mom. And maybe that's okay!

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