Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fun Day!

We had a few friends over today and I took this opportunity to break out some "paw-ty" paper products, which I've been dying to use. 

Although Moxie spent most of the day sleeping, despite having guests, we still had a great day. I do admit that I wish she were awake more, but at the crazy rate she's growing, it's no surprise her little body needs lots of rest. 

We hung out, enjoyed mimosas, cheeses, hot honey and caprese salad -  and frequently tried to wake Moxie up. She briefly emerged from slumber to entertain us all, but we wanted more.

Of course, as soon as everyone left, we had a bat-pig outta hell - much to my delight. Racing around the apartment, it was what I had waited for all day.

And she absolutely loves her new toy, which was a gift today. Another great PetStages one. Perfectly tiny for her little mouth and another freezer baby!

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