Friday, August 29, 2014

The Got Moxie "Paw" of Approval

We play with a lot of toys around here and while no expert, have some yays and nays from our own first-hand experience.

The Got Moxie approval is my simple way of saying that it's worth a try, based on a number of criteria which will be outlined with photos and explanations.

Our first review will focus on a few Petstages toys; Puppy Cuddle Pal, Toss & Shake, the Cool Teething Stick and the CrunchCore Bone.

Moxie sleeping with "relaxing baby."
Puppy Cuddle Pal 

Manufacturer's Description: 
  • Provides warmth and comfort for your puppy or dog
  • Buckwheat packet inside can be microwaved to provide warmth
  • Soft, cozy shape can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed
  • Knotted tail for chewing
  • Plush shell can be machine washed as needed
My Thoughts:

This is Moxies favorite Petstages toy. She sleeps on it like a pillow and it always goes in her crate or on trips with her. It's been so good and effective, we've never even had to microwave it. It holds up to chewing (the package is right, the tail is ideal for small mouths to chew on) and it's feet are what I imagine is a soothing feel to chew on. Being that it's in the crate, a few washing a have been necessary and it's nice to be able to take out the buckwheat packet and give it a thorough hand washing. It dries pretty quickly too. Moxie loves her "relaxing baby."

Rating: Three Paws out of Three! This Toy's Got Moxie!

Toss & Shake. 

Toss & Shake

Manufacturer's Description: 
  • Provides enticing interaction while strengthening the bond with your dog
  • Floppy balls attract dog’s attention for enhanced interaction
  • Ring handle is easy for owner and dog to grasp and toss
  • Sound offers added interest and fun
My Thoughts:

This is Moxie's second favorite Petstages toy, and she loves the blue color (which is part of her visible spectrum), along with the rattling balls. It's great for our daily game of fetch and I'm continually impressed with how well she retrieves and drops with this toy. The only thing I don't love about it (which Moxie disagrees on, I know) is the fact that the five balls dangle on sturdy ribbon. What's the problem with that? It resembles a hand and in this nipping phase, I definitely don't want to encourage that or have her get confused (though I'm quite confident she know the difference between this toy and a hand). 

Rating: Two Paws out of Three. There's Moxie in this toy. 

Cool Teething Stick.
Cool Teething Stick 

Manufacturer's Description: 
  • Can be frozen to soothe gums and satisfy the urge to chew
  • Outer shell freezes to provide soothing relief for tender gums
  • Crunchy when frozen, helps satisfy your dog’s urge to chew
  • Streamers, flags and ribbons add interest
My Thoughts:

It's a little harder to evaluate this one, since we use it exclusively as a freezer treat, so Moxie isn't spending as much time with this one as the first two. That said, it's another quality Petstages toy and she does enjoy the "frozen baby." It's especially a hit when some of the water makes ice on the ribbons. At this stage, her teeth are breaking through at a rapid pace. The shark teeth get more dangerous every day. And approved chewing toys, coupled with one that is soothing, is a hit in my book. 

Rating: Two out of Three Paws. Frozen has Moxie. 

CrunchCore Bone.
CrunchCore Bone

Manufacturer's Description: 
  • Crunchy sound that dogs love
  • Won't collapse like water bottles 
  • Durable inner core keeps shape
  • Great for dogs that love to chew
My Thoughts: 

Pretty sure Moxie's little baby mouth is too small for this one right now. Additionally, her jaw is not quite strong enough to actually crunch the bone yet. While she likes it and does enjoy the sound it makes, it's not a favorite yet. That said, just this morning it was her first choice. I do love the idea and a fellow Frenchie mom said that water bottles are a huge hit with her adult dog. I'm sure Moxie will be loving this soon. 

Rating: One out of Three Paws. There may be some Moxie to come!

Overall, the Petstages products are good quality, enticing, made with purpose and well worth the money (and they're reasonably priced too). Petstages got Moxie - and Three Paws!

Stay tuned for more product reviews, updates and musings. 

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