Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meeting Family and Friends

Moxie's made the rounds throughout the tri-state-area, meeting many friends and family. From her ride home from Canandaigua, to a walk (aka carry in her travel bag) to Little Italy, a cab ride to The Wall Street Journal and an Uber home - she's been safely and thoroughly exposed to a variety of people and things. Additionally, she's had at least a visitor a day, and we're very pleased with how she's learning to interact with other people. 

While I previously posted that she had met humans from age three to 95, that's now updated and she's actually met people from three to 98! We attended a large birthday celebration for Rob's uncle down in New Jersey on Saturday and she met the uncle's mother, who is a sharp and fabulous 98. 

In addition to that, she met many more people including most/all of her cousins, her great grandmother, wonderful aunts and more. 

She was literally held by nearly a dozen people at that party (there was a "wait list") and to my pride and comfort, she was amazingly good. She even had Nanny, who is very hard of hearing, speaking quite loudly right in her face as she proclaimed her love to the puppy. While I felt a bit bad for Moxie, it was so cute and Nanny was just in love. She held her for a long time and the happiness was painted all over her face. 

Nanny with Moxie.
On another occasion, Moxie also got to meet her Grandma and The Lady, Rob's mom and my mom, respectively. 

Mom with her "furry grandbaby."
The Lady with the pooch. 
She bonded immediately with both and it pleased me so. 

She also met her Aunt and cousin (sister cousin missing from the pic and there will be one to come).

Auntie and little cousin. 
And another cousin!

Lots of love for Moxie!
She's had lots of friends stop by too and there are more to come - continuing throughout the weekend. We had a former co-worker and friend come for dinner last night, a friend over tonight, Fantasy Football draft party tomorrow (there will definitely be a post about that) and more on her busy social calendar! 

It's really a blessing that she's so happy to be socialized so much and has quickly become a loved, cherished and welcomed part of the family.

Speaking of family, they're so in love with her, they want to put her name in the Secret Santa grab bag this Christmas - how funny is that?!

Not surprising though, as she's already received a good deal of presents!

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